• Walks : discover on foot the many faces of Charente Maritime: sand dunes, forests, protected waters, the historic Saintonge area, the Gironde Estuary coastline, all along 1500 km of well-lit foot paths.
  • Cycling: thanks to the abundance of little tranquil paths and the calm, flat terrain, Charente Maritime is an ideal spot for easy cycling.
  • Riding : explore Charente Maritime’s beaches, vineyards and forests on horseback. From a small promenade to a long trek – choose from gourmet, musical or children’s expeditions – the choice is yours !
  • Canoe and Kayak : paddle through the Mer des Pertuis, Côte de Beauté, Gironde, Charente, Marais Poitevin. By river, sea or canal, Charente Maritime offers amateurs a variety of ways in which to discover the preserved calm of the countryside.
  • Immediately around la Caussolière, guests who are looking for military architecture, religious edifices, traditional crafts, museums, chateaux and sportings activities, are sure to have a busy and enjoyable time.

In the village of Saint-Sornin

Its wonderful romanesque church (11th century) and 17th century fresquos, and Broue tower.

Less than 20 km

    In April 1868, a French ship ” le Morlaisien ” which was carrying 600 000 oysters from Portugal entered the Gironde estuary because of a very bad storm in the Atlantic…The sanitary officer from Bordeaux ordered the captain to throw out the shipload of oysters into the ocean.
    Since that event, ” Fines de claire ” and ” Speciales oysters ” (from the oysters beds of Marennes-Oleron) have become famous ! People from Charente Maritime like very much to eat them even before the New Year holidays ; and it’s the same for mussels, fish and shell fish…
    In the middle of Colbert’s Naval Dockyards stands the classical beauty of a royal factory the building of which was started in 1666 by order of Louis XIV.
    Built in the 19th century, Pierre Loti’s house is certainly the most original and exotic place you can visit. Loti was a naval officer and a writer. From each of his many trips around the world, he brought back lots of mementoes that he gradually used to transform the house where he was born into a very personal enigma : one room became a Turkish lounge,another a Gothic room, and one even became a Mosque.
    In 1780 La Fayette embarked on board the Hermione, a frigate built just a few months earlier in the Naval Dockyards in Rochefort. He joined General Washington in the fight against English occupation. In 1997 a new challenge was launched in Rochefort : the reconstruction of the Hermione on the same site where the original frigate was built. The public can witness the remarkable technical skills of the 18th century ship’s carpenters, fitters and blacksmiths.
    A visit to this magnificent zoo – the best in France- guarantees an unforgettable day out for the young… and old alike. Hours can be spent with some of the 1600 animals who live in the pine forest, now transformed into “The Jungle Book”!
    A fortified town in the middle of the marshland with interesting fauna and flora.
  • L’île d’OLERON, its fishing harbour : la Cotinière.

Less than 50 km

    Looking out to the Atlantic, the Tour Saint-Nicolas (14th century), the Tour de la Chaîne (14th century) and the Tour de la Lanterne (15thcentury) are the remains of a great fortification building campaign undertaken in the port city of La Rochelle from 1199.
    Visit the Aquarium, located in the town centre and just minutes away from the Old Port. As if still in their original habitat, the fish share lives full of fun, fighting and love…
    Allow one of the tourist guides to show you how to appreciate Saintes and its rich heritage- L’Abbaye aux Dames, the Saint Pierre Cathedral, l’Arc de Germanicus, Faubourg St Eutrope, the Archaeological Museum. That is, unless you prefer to take a pleasure boat trip along the river Charente…
    Cordouan, the most impressive lighthouse in France, has an architectural history dating back to the sixteenth century. It was built to protect the Gironde Estuary and therefore notably Royan – situated just twenty minutes from la Caussolière. Another reason to visit is the glorious sunshine, for which this region is famous – on average receiving 2300 hours a year.
    Just outside Cognac and its “Old Town” (located 50 km from “la Caussolière” in Charente), the grapes of four premier crus are grown. The gentle climate and shade of the vaulted cellars give the grapes their exceptional flavour, to which the world famous cognacs such as Hennessy and Martell attest.
    In just twenty five minutes a ferry boat will take you across the Gironde from Royan to the Pointe de Grave, the gateway for your visit to the Medoc. Be careful not to over indulge in tasting of some of the world’s most prized wines !